tomo-,-tom, -toma, -tomic, -tomize, -tome, -tomical, -tomically, -tomist, -tomous, -tomy; -otomy

(Greek: cut, incision; section; more often used as a suffix)

xerotomography (s) (noun, xerotomographies (pl)
A form of mammography that records the image of the breast on paper rather than on film: Xerotomography is a term that is rarely used now.
xylotomous, xylotomy
1. A reference to organisms that are able to cut or bore into wood.
2. That which cuts or pierces wood, as an insect.
zootomy, zootomic, zootomical
1. The study of the anatomy of animals; especially, comparative anatomy.
2. The dissection of animals.
A student is studying the anatomy of a cat and is dissecting it to see its bodily organs.
This student is trying to learn more about the anatomic structure
of animals; in this case, the bodily composition of a cat.

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