toco-, toko-, toc-, tok-, -tocy, -toky, -tocia, -tokia, -tocous, -tokous +

(Greek: childbirth, delivery, a reference to the production of offspring; that which is brought forth)

tocolysis, tokolysis
Inhibition of uterine contractions; usually, with medical drugs.
tocomania, tokomania
An excessive desire or obsession for childbirth.
tocometer, tokometer
Another term for tocodynamometer
tocopherol, tokopherol
1. Any one of several related substances, occurring naturally in certain oils and also prepared by synthesis, that have vitamin E activity.
2. Any of the alcohols that make up dietary vitamin E; found in such foods as wheat germ oil, cottonseed oil, lettuce, spinach, and egg yolks.
tocophobiac, tokophobiac (s) (noun); tocophobiacs, tokophobiacs (pl)
A woman who has an abnormal fear of childbirth: Janet was pregnant with her first baby and was totally afraid of labor and delivery and, as a tocophobiac, sought professional help from her gynaecologist.
tocus, tokus
An older term for childbirth labor.
tokogeny, tocogeny
1. Nonhierarchical genetic relationships among individuals; arising by sexual reproduction. The relationships among individuals within a sexually reproducing species are known as tokogenetic relationships, and the graphical depictions of tokogeny are called geneologies or networks.
2. The descent of organisms (as opposed to species).
3. The diachronic relationship through time between a parent and an offspring, therefore, it is supposed to apply to asexual as well as sexual taxa; reticulate (network) relationships among individuals.
4. Methods and theory of phylogenetic inference (relating to the evolutionary relationships within and between groups). Phylogeny is the evolutionary or ancestral history of organisms.
tokography, tocography; tocoalgography
1. The recording and interpreting of the expulsive force of uterine muscular contractions during labor.
2. The making and interpreting of graphic recordings of the amplitude, duration, and frequency of uterine muscular contractions during child labor.

Related "birth, born, childbirth, offspring" words: abort-; feto-; lochio-; nasc-, nat-.