thymo-2, thym-, -thymia (emotions)

(Greek: thymos, spirit, soul; courage; breath, mind, emotions)

Affective psychoses or the feelings that go with an idea or reaction to a stimulus, including feelings, emotions, and moods.
Emotional pain or suffering.
Produced by or in reaction to feelings and emotions; such as, a binge of drinking precipitated by an argument with one's spouse.
1. Of or pertaining to any action that changes or influences mood or spirit, particularly such action that is favorable in mentally depressed patients.
2. A drug that counteracts mental depression by a mood-elevating or mind-stimulating action; a psychic energizer or stimulant.
3. Influencing or changing mood; referring to drugs that ameliorate pathological depressive states but, in the bsence of depression, do not act as central nervous system stimulants.
A reference to thoughts and ideas that are strongly influenced by deviations in mood.
Referring to any disturbance in affect or mood tone; dysthmic; dysphoric.
thymopsyche (s), thymopsyches (pl) (nouns)
The life, soul, emotions, or passions of the mind: "A person's thyopsyche represents ideas, mental representations or desires."
thymos, thymotic, thymotics, thymotically
1. The mind or heart as the seat of strong feelings or passions.
2. A desire or hunger of people for personal recognition and acknowledgement of their worth and significance.
3. People who are sensitive about their self-worth and the significance of their group.
4. The psychological orign of political action.
Thymos is something like an innate human sense of justice; people believe that they have a certain worth, and when other people act as though they are worth less—when they do not recognize their worth at its correct value—they become angry. The intimate relationship between self-evaluation and anger can be seen in the English word synonymous with anger, indignation. Dignity refers to a person's sense of self-worth; indignation arises when something happens to offend that sense of worth.
—By Francis Fukuyama, The End of History and the Last Man

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