tele-, tel-, telo-, -telic, -telical

(Greek: far away, far off, at a distance)

Don't confuse this tele- with the teleo- unit that means "end, last".

teleseism, teleseismic
An earthquake that occurs in a part of the world far away from a recording station.
1. A combination of a telescope and a spectroscope, used for spectroscopic analysis (to determine the chemical composition, energy levels, and molecular structure of substances) of radiation from stars and other celestial bodies.
2. A spectroscope arranged to be attached to a telescope for observation of distant objects; such as, the sun or stars.

A spectrum is a charted band of wavelengths of electromagnetic vibrations obtained by refraction (bending of waves) and diffraction (wave train that passes an obstacle of secondary waves that are set up which interfere with the primary wave and give rise to bands of constructive and destructive interference).

telesthesia, telaesthesia (s) (noun); telesthesias; telaesthesias (pl)
1. Perception at a distance; direct sensation or perception of objects or conditions independent of the recognized channels of the senses: Telaesthesia is a New Age concept of the visualization of events without actually seeing them.
2. Extrasensory perception of distant objects, events, etc.: Edwin claimed to possess telaesthesia in that he would appear to go into a trance and describe objects that were not actually visible.
telesthetic, telaesthetic (s) (adjective); more telesthetic, most telesthetic; more telaesthetic, most telaesthetic
1. Relating to a supposed perception of phenomena or events considered beyond the range of the normal senses: Malcolm’s telesthetic skills were well-known and he was often invited to various séances.
2. A reference to a response to, or perception of, distant stimuli by extrasensory means: Although no one else heard the tolling of a bell, suddenly Marisa exclaimed that her telesthetic sense told her someone had died and she heard the toll of a church bell.
1. An acrostic, or poem, in which the last letters in each line spell a word.
2. A poem in which the last letters of successive lines form a word, a phrase, or the consecutive letters of the alphabet.
teletactor (s) (noun), teletactors (pl)
An instrument making it possible for those who are deaf to feel sound vibrations with their finger tips.
teletherapy, teleroentgentherapy
Radiotherapy using a source of radiation at a distance from the patient.
1. A thermograph that is electrically recorded at a distance.
2, A self-registering telethermometer.
telethermograph, telethermography
1. A record of fluctuations of temperature made automatically at a distant station.
2. An instrument, usually electrical, making such long-distance records.
1. Any of various thermometers that indicate or record temperatures at a distance, usually by means of an electric current.
2. An apparatus for determining temperature on which the reading is made at a distance from the object or subject being studied.
An apparatus for indicating or recording the temperatures of distant or inaccessible locations.