tang-, tact-, tast-, ting-, -tig -tag, -teg-

(Latin: touch, feel; try; reach; handle; evaluate, estimate)

tangibly (adverb)
1. A descriptive term for being capable of clearly mentally understanding the real thing rather than some imaginary thing.
2. A reference to that which is real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary: "There are tangibly beneficial things that result from sunshine."
tangoreceptor (s) (noun), tangorecptors (pl)
A cutaneous receptor that responds to touch and pressure: "The doctor used a tangoreceptor to determine the degree of sense perceptions in the skin that respond to touch and pressure."
task (s) (noun), tasks (pl)
1. Any labor, project, or undertaking that a person is responsible to take care of.
2. Something that must be done even if it is unpleasant, tedious, or difficult to do.
task (verb), tasks; tasked; tasking
1. An assigned piece of work that is to be done as part of a person's responsibilities.
2. Something that is difficult, tiresome, or boring which someone must do.
3. An objective or project that requires a person's attention and efforts to be accomplished.
taste (s) (noun), tastes (pl)
taste (verb), tastes; tasted; tasting
tasteful (adjective)
tastefully (adverb)
tasteless (adjective)
tastelessly (adverb)
tastelessness (s) (noun)
taster (s) (noun), tasters (pl)
tastily (adverb)
tasty (adjective)
teletactor (s) (noun), teletactors (pl)
An instrument making it possible for those who are deaf to feel sound vibrations with their finger tips.