tang-, tact-, tast-, ting-, -tig -tag, -teg-

(Latin: touch, feel; try; reach; handle; evaluate, estimate)

contagious (adjective), more contagious, most contagious
1. Conveying that which spreads easily and likely to make another person or people sick: Certain diseases can be very infectious, or contagious, like measles, mumps, or chickenpox, spreading to others by touching or being in the air.
2. Pertaining to something which causes or is likely to cause the same reaction or emotion in several people; transmittable: Willie's contagious behavior of friendliness was usually conveyed to other people whenever they met him.
Transmissible by indirect or by direct contact and tending to spread from one person to another one.
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contagiously (adverb), more contagiously, most contagiously
A reference to that which is capable of being transmitted from one individual to another or to other people: "The nurse had to prepare herself with a mask and special robe before going into the room with the contagiously infected patient."

"Meagan's contagiously enthusiastic optimism and humor was passed on to those who came in contact with her."

contaminate (verb), contaminates; contaminated; contaminating
contamination (s) (noun), contaminations (pl)
contiguity (s) (noun), contiguities (pl)
1. That which is so close or near as to be touching.
2. Continuous systems of connecting things: "Contiguities are closely associated in time and space, as one stimulus with another stimulus or a stimulus and a response."
contiguous (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of things that touch each other or are directly next to each other: There are 48 contiguous states in the United States that are connected at their borders and two that are not contiguous ones; namely, Alaska and Hawaii.
A reference to touching or adjoining.
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contiguous arc (s) (noun); contiguous arcs (pl)
Crater arcs that are in contact with each other.
contiguous chain (s) (noun), contiguous chains (pl)
A crater chain, or chains, that are in a series of contacts with each other.
contiguous craters (pl) (noun)
1. Small craters of similar size that have their rims touching or merging with each other and which may have formed volcanically.
2. A formation on the moon's surface that show craters that are in contact with each other.
contiguously (adverb), more contiguously, most contiguously
A reference to touching along the side or the boundary of something: "A fence contiguously showed where the two farms were adjoining each other."
contiguousness (noun)
contingency (s) (noun), contingencies (pl)
A possible happening or undertaking: In order to understand what contingency the new road needs, the city will be required to provide specific details.
A potential emergency.
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A future occurence.
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contingent (s) (noun), contingents (pl)
1. Two things that must touch and come together: "When one thing is contingent upon another thing it is dependent upon it."

"A posible event may be contingent upon certain conditions."

2. Etymology: from Old French contingent or directly from Latin contingentem, contingens, "happening, touching," and from contingere, "to touch".
contingent (adjective), more contingent, most contingent
contingently (adverb), more contingently, most contingently