tacit-, taci-, tace-

(Latin: silent, silence; unspoken; quiet)

taciturn (adjective), more taciturn, most taciturn
1. Characterized by silence or a disinclination to speak: Jim was not moody, but was quite taciturn, non-talkative, and reserved when he was with strangers.
2. A reference to someone who says very little or is uncommunicative: Janet didn't like to talk about her problems with other people and so she was very taciturn about her personal life.
3. Etymology: from Latin taciturnus, "not talkative, noiseless" from tacere, "to be silent".
Pertaining to being reluctant to talk to others.
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Descriptive of being silent and not explaining what is wrong.
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One who practices habitual silence or reserve.
Habitual silence or disinclination to conversation; reservedness in speech; a taciturn character or state.

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