stru-, struct-, -structure, -struction, -structive

(Latin: to build, to build up; to pile; to construct; to place together, to arrange)

technostructure (s), technostructures (pl) (noun forms)
1. A network of controlling technocrats or skilled professionals in an organization or society who control such a corporate system.
2. A group of technologists or technical experts that controls the workings of an industry or a government.
unconstruable (adjective)
The inability to interpret the meaning of something: "Her unconstruable intentions were not clarified by her gestures."
undestroyable (adjective)
1. Unable to damage something so severely that it no longer exists or can never return to its normal condition: "The flooding did little damage to the undestroyable building up on the hill."
2. Incapable of completely defeating an enemy or an opponent.
undestructively (adverb)
Not detrimental, harmful, or injurious: "Their relationship was considered to be undestructively long lasting."
undestructiveness (noun)
1. The quality of not destroying or ruining.
2. Not causing great or irreparable damage.
undestrutive (adjective)
1. Anything that does not cause severe damage or harm.
2. Not destructive or causing great damage, harm, or injury.

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