string-, strict-, strain-, -stringence, -stringency, -stringe, -stringent

(Latin: draw tight, to bind, to compress)

stricture (s) (noun), strictures (pl)
1. Very serious disapproval; censure: Mrs. Bell was very rigorous and exacting when it came to students cheating in her classes and told them that there were severe strictures or criticisms and more awaiting them if they tried to deceive her.
2. An unusual tightening or contraction of a bodily passageway; the narrowed section: Steven couldn't breath very easily and went to the doctor who told him that he had a stricture in his nose termed rhinostenosis.
3. Something that limits what you can do; constraint; hinderance: Jack's monetary strictures didn't allow him to buy a new car that summer, so he decided to save more money until he had enough.
4. Etymology: from Latin strictura, from stringere "to draw tight".
Adverse criticism.
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A censure or strong denunciations.
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strictured (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of the narrowing of a duct, canal, or other passage in the body: The strictured area may be a result an infection and inflammation that causes scar tissue in or around a the wound.
string together
Stress arising from working in an environment dominated by (especially computer) technology.