stato-, stat-, sta-, -static, -stasi, staso-, -stasis, -stasia, -stacy, -stitute, -stitution, -sist

(Latin: standing, to stay, to make firm, fixed; cause to stand, to put, to place, to put in place, to remain in place; to stand still)

instance (IN stuhns) (s) (noun), instances (pl)
An example to illustrate a situation or to make a point: Polly's falling on the stairs was one more instance of the need to have safety rails.

The tax preparer cited an instance of Max forgetting to pay his taxes on time.

instant (IN stuhnt) (s) (noun), instants (pl)
1. An infinitely short period of time; a moment: For a couple of instants, Jerome forgot where he was.
2. A solitary and precise split second of time: The instant Jill heard the alarm go off, she bolted out of the room.
3. Pre-processed food or beverage that is prepared in a very short time: When drinking coffee at the corner café, Jill preferred freshly brewed coffee to instant.
instant (adjective); more instant, most instant
1. Pertaining to something that takes place immediately: Greg had instant satisfaction when he completed his meal.
2. Relating to something that is commercially prepared or processed for quick and easy preparation: Ann was using an instant cake mix which could be baked quickly and instant coffee to serve with the cake.
3. A reference to something that is imperative; urgent: There was an instant need for Jim and his family to get home before the thunderstorm started.
instantaneous (adjective); more instantaneous, most instantaneous
1. Descriptive of something that happens without delay; prompt: After Jack took his medicine, relief was instantaneous.
2. Referring to that which is done or made as quickly or directly as possible: Jake made an instantaneous or immediate reply to Jim's e-mail.
3. Pertaining to a condition which is present or occurs at a specific time: Sam had an instantaneous pain in his thumb when he hit it with the hammer while he was pounding nails into the wooden box.
instantaneously (adverb) (not comparable)
A reference to how something is done without any delay and accomplished immediately: Janice replied at once and instantaneously to the message she received on her computer.
instantly (adverb) (not comparable)
Immediately; at once; without the least deferment: Because Bernhard was waiting impatiently for the phone call from the doctor, he picked up the receiver instantly when the phone rang.
instate (verb), instates; instated; instating
To install or induct someone into a position or office: The new treasurer of the club was instated into her job with a tiny ceremony in the cafeteria.
instatement (s) (noun), instatements (pl)
The act of officially accepting an individual into an office or membership: The instatement of Mr. Smart, the new principal of the school, was very important and all the staff was expected to be there.
institute (s) (noun), institutes (pl)
1. An association or corporation organized to do a certain kind of work, particularly teaching or research: Sam was interested in politics and wanted to do a course of study to prepare himself for applying for a job at one of the political research institutes in Washington D.C.
2. A building occupied by an organization: Jane found the institute she was looking for on the map she had of Toronto.
institute (verb), institutes; instituted; instituting
1. To start or advance a course of action, a policy, a program, a rule: The school decided to institute new regulations for safety on the playground.
2. To assign a person to a position: Mrs. Gibson instituted her lawyer, Mrs. Timmons, to be her executrix and to take care of her will.
3. To begin judicial procedures in court: Because the tenant hadn't been paying rent for many months, the owner of the apartment instituted an eviction process in law court.
institution (s) (noun), institutions (pl)
1. An established and usually public corporation or organization: After Kitty got to her financial institution, she realised that it was a holiday and it was closed!
2. The building of a foundation or organization: Raymond was told that the park he wanted to go to was across from the only institution in the village and very easy to find!
3. A conventional and accepted custom, system, practice, etc.: In many countries of the world, marriage is an accepted institution.
4. The undertaking of installing something: The institution of new school rules for smoking caused a lot of irritation among the older students at school.
institutional (adjective); more institutional, most institutional
1. Relating to a foundation or organization: There are many people who do not agree with institutional religion and find it not at all helpful in their daily lives.
2. Pertaining to a building where individuals are held or cared for: Carol decided not to take advantage of an institutional provision of treatment following her operation, but preferred to be at home with her family.
3. Characteristic of a quality or value of a certain group of society: Some newspapers, some TV and radio programs have an institutional tendency to avoid good news, but rather lean toward that which is sensational in the lives of important people, such as politicians or movie stars.
institutionally (adverb) (not comparable)
Relating to how an organization executes something: The poor and low-income groups of society have been institutionally supported by food banks and used clothing shops in the city.
interstice (s) (noun), interstices (pl)
1. A very narrow crevice or space between parts or things: Jane left an interstice between the shades in her bedroom in order to enjoy the sunshine peeking though.
2. A short gap of time between activities: Mrs. Robinson used the interstices of her breaks at her desk to call up her daughter.
interstitial (adjective); more interstitial, most interstitial
1. Referring to a small opening or space: When Celia went to the dentist, Dr. Smith told her that she should be especially careful when cleaning the interstitial gaps between her teeth.

Sally spent the interstitial minutes between classes with rechecking her homework for the next period.
2. Pertaining to the space between tissues or cellular parts of a structure: Interstitial cystitis had developed in Josie's urinary bladder and was causing her a lot of pain!

Related word families intertwined with "to place, placing, to put; to add; to stay; to attach" word units: fix-; pon-; prosth-; the-, thes-.