stato-, stat-, sta-, -static, -stasi, staso-, -stasis, -stasia, -stacy, -stitute, -stitution, -sist

(Latin: standing, to stay, to make firm, fixed; cause to stand, to put, to place, to put in place, to remain in place; to stand still)

instance (IN stuhns) (s) (noun), instances (pl)
An example to illustrate a situation or to make a point: Polly's falling on the stairs was one more instance of the need to have safety rails.

The tax preparer cited an instance of Max forgetting to pay his taxes on time.

instant (IN stuhnts) (adjective), more instant, most instant
1. Characterized as happening immediately; imminently; without delay: The chef required just an instants notice to prepare a fine meal.
2. An infinitely short period of time: For a couple of instants, Jerome forgot where he was.
instant (adjective), more instant, most instant
1. Pertaining to something that takes place immediately: Greg had instant satisfaction when he completed his meal.
2. Relating to something that is commercially prepared or processed for quick and easy final preparation: Ann was using an instant cake mix which could be baked quickly and instant coffee to serve with the cake.
3. A reference to something that is imperative; urgent: There was an instant need for Jim and his family to get home before the thunder storm started.
instantaneous (adjective), more instantaneous, most instantaneous
1. Descriptive of something that is occurring or completed without delay: Relief was instantaneous.
2. Referring to that which is done or made as quickly or directly as possible: Jake made an instantaneous reply to Jim's e-mail.
3. Conveying a situation which is present or occurring at a specific time: Sam had an instantaneous pain in his thumb when he hit it with the hammer while he was pounding nails into the wooden box.
instantaneously (adverb) (not comparable)
A reference to doing something without any delay or accomplishing an action immediately: Janice instantaneously replied to the message she received on her computer.

Related word families intertwined with "to place, placing, to put; to add; to stay; to attach" word units: fix-; pon-; prosth-; the-, thes-.