spleno-, splen-, splenico-, spleni-, -splenism, -splenia, -splenic

(Greek: spleen, "the inward parts;" the elongated accessory lymphatic organ of the vascular [blood] system)

The spleen is a large glandlike, but ductless, organ situated in the upper part of the abdominal cavity on the left side and lateral to the cardiac end of the stomach.

It is also called the lien. The largest structure in the lymphoid system, it is a flattened oblong shaped structure of about 125 mm. in length.

It disintegrates the red blood cells and sets the hemoglobin free, which the liver converts into bilirubin; it gives rise to new red blood cells during fetal life and in the newborn; serves as a reservoir of blood; produces lymphocytes and plasma cells; and has other important functions, the full scope of which hasn't been entirely determined.

To remove the spleen.
1. An operation to remove the spleen or the excision or extirpation of the spleen.
2. Spleen removal which may be required to remove a diseased or damaged spleen.

In healthy people, the spleen plays a role in immunity against bacterial infections.

The spleen is in the uppermost area of the left side of the abdomen, just under the diaphragm. It typically has attachments to the stomach, left kidney, and colon.

splenetic (adjective), more splenetic, most splenetic
1. A bad-tempered, irritable, and peevish behavior: The politician was a making a splenetic and ranting attack against his opponent.
2. Etymology: from Latin spleneticus, "anger."
Related to being bad tempered or spiteful.
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Pertaining to having a malicious and stern behavior.
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Pain over the region of the spleen (located on the left side of the abdomen near the stomach).
1. A radiographic depiction of the spleen, usually after a contrast medium injection.
2. A differential count of the splenic cellular population.
1. A radiographic depiction of the spleen usually after some contrast medium injection.
2. A description of the spleen.