-sperse, -spersed, -spersing, -spersion; spars-; -spargic

(Latin: to scatter, to strew or to spread here and there, to sprinkle)

respersion (s) (noun), respersions (pl)
The act of sprinkling or scattering.
retispersion (s) (noun), retispersions (pl)
Migration of the Golgi apparatus from its normal position to the periphery of the cell: "A retispersion or intracellular net-like structure in the cytoplasm of animal cells of the membrane bounded vesicles (closed membrane shell) in which glycosylation (process of adding sugar units) and packaging of secreted proteins takes place."
rodentospargic (adjective), more rodentospargic, most rodentospargic
A reference to that which is spread around by rodents.
sitospargic (adjective), more sitospargic, most sitospargic
Referring to anything that is spread by food.
sparge (verb), sparges; sparged; sparging
1. To sprinkle around or to spray: "Mack was sparging water on his lawn."
2. To produce bubbles into a liquid: "The water sparged up from the hot springs and flowed into a stream."
sparse (adjective), sparser, sparsest
1. Thinly scattered; set or planted here and there; not dense: "The information about what really happened is still rather sparse." 3. In botany, not in any apparent regular order.
4. Etymology: from Latin sparsus, "scattered", past participle of spargere, "to scatter, to spread, to sprinkle".

When the hair is sparse on the head, it is sparsus or "scattered" and thin as the Latin puts it. This all comes from spargo which referred to the "scattered sowing of seeds" meaning the hair hasn't been planted closely enough.

sparsely (adverb), more sparsely, most sparsely
In a scattered way; thinly: "The room was very sparsely furnished, with just a bed and a chair."

"Alisa's apartment was located in a sparsely populated area."

sparseness (s) (noun) (usually not plural)
That which is scanty and not dense; that is, in a scattered and scarce condition: "The spareness of Dan's hair made him wish that he had the full head of hair that he had when he was much younger."
sparsity (s) (noun) (no plural form)
1. Opposed to denseness or thickness, describing what is widely scattered in isolated clumps; such as, sparse vegetation or a sparse crowd was scattered thinly through the auditorium.
2. With only a few scattered examples in a large area; not growing or existing in large amounts or quantities: "The sparsity of vegetation will only feed a small population of animals."
sperse (verb), sperses; spersed; spersing
To go or to scatter into different directions.
tactospargic (adjective), more tactospargic, most tactospargic
Referring to anything that is spread by direct contact or by touching.
zoospargic (adjective), more zoospargic, most zoospargic
A reference to something being spread by animals.