solv-, -solu-, solut-, -sol, -soluble, -solubility, -solvent

(Latin: loosen, to loose; to dissolve; to untie, to set free)

solution (s) (noun), solutions (pl)
solvability (s) (noun), solvabilities (pl)
1. Capable of being worked out, explained, or clarified: The board game was noted for its solvability and, when completed, provided all the players with a feeling of success in the end!
2. The condition of being solvent: The bank told Lynn that her bank account provided the necessary solvability to pay her debts or financial obligations when they came due.
solvable (adjective) (not comparable)
Susceptible of being explained or clarified: Nancy wondered if the mystery of the missing ring was solvable or not!
solvent (adjective), more solvent, most solvent
1. A reference to an individual who is able to pay his or her debts: Monroe was not a solvent person any more after his business went bankrupt.
2. Descriptive of a firm whose financial assets are in excess of its liabilities: Sometimes the increase of interest rates has very severe and negative effects on normally solvent companies.

Synonyms of this solvent include: financially sound, debt-free, creditworthy, of good financial standing, and profit-making.

3. Pertaining to a liquid in which a solute, solid or gas is dissolved to form a solution: Jane used a chemical solvent cleaner for removing spots of paint on her wooden floor.

Common uses for solvent products include dry cleaning, paint thinners, nail polish removers, spot removers, detergents and perfumes.

Water is a solvent fluid for polar molecules, and the most common solvent fluid, which is used by living humans and animals, involves proteins in cells that are dissolved within the bodily organs.

4. Etymology: from Latin solvere, "to loosen, to dissolve, to untie" which results in a solution and French solvent, "to free one's property and person from debt."
Pertaining to being able to meet financial obligations.
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Relating to being able to pay one's  debts.
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Solvitur ambulando. (Latin term)
Translation: "It is solved by walking."
unsolved mystery