solv-, -solu-, solut-, -sol, -soluble, -solubility, -solvent

(Latin: loosen, to loose; to dissolve; to untie, to set free)

irresolute (adjective), more irresolute, most irresolute
1. Descriptive of someone who cannot decide how to act or how to proceed to do something; undecided: Lester's irresolute nature made him a poor competitor to be an executive for his company.
2. Referring to a lack of a resolution; indecisive: When Tim was talking to his mother about going to a movie, he was irresolute and hesitant to tell her which one he was planning to see.
Relating to wavering in which choice to make.
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1. A reference to lacking determination or decisiveness.
2. Being uncertain about how to act or to proceed with something.
1. Being doubtful concerning what to do with two or more possible alternatives or courses of action.
2. A lack of resolution; that is, lacking the determination or purpose to achieve an objective; vacillation.
3. Showing or feeling hesitancy; being uncertain.
irresolvable (adjective), more irresolvable, most irresolvable
Not capable of finding a solution for something: The irresolvable dilemma of having both of their daughters sharing the same room gave their parents headaches, so they decided to more to a bigger house.
isolume (s) (noun), isolumes (pl)
1. A line on a chart or a map that connects points of equal shining intensity: Astronomy students were utilizing the presentation of the isolumes in order to analyze the various degrees of brightness of the planets and the stars.
2. An intense or strong effulgence of nature; such as, from the sun: Some sea animals follow isolumes up and down water columns.

As sunlight decreases in the late afternoon, an isolume moves toward the sea surface, and the migrating community follows such radiance with a precision seldom seen in other natural populations.

Daily or seasonal changes in an isolume, or lucid intensity, seems to be the most likely stimulus for vertical migrations of some sea creatures.

Soluble in fats.
plumbosolvency (noun)
1. A solvent, notably water, that dissolves lead.

In the public supply of water this is an undesirable component because in older structures, plumbosolvent water can dissolve lead pipes with the result that there is increased levels of lead from the tap which is then consumed when people drink it.

Research has shown that lead affects multiple systems in the human body; including, the central and peripheral nervous stems.

2. A process in which some lead will be dissolved in the water that is conveyed through lead pipes.

resolute (adjective), more resolute, most resolute
Relating to being determined, tenacious, persistent, etc.: Mark was a resolute and persevering computer programmer who was intent on protecting his company's systems from criminals; such as, hackers!
Relating to a determined and firm person.
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A reference to an unwavering objective or purpose .
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resolvable (adjective), more resolvable, most resolvable
Suitable to be worked out, cleared up, or analyzed: Mrs. Thompson listened to what the two children were angry about and told them that the issue was resolvable and could be settled in a satisfactory way.
resolve (s) (noun), resolves (pl)
A strong determination to accomplish something or to have a steadfast purpose to achieve an objective or action: Maxine was told by her employer that if she wanted to complete the assignment that he gave her, she would have to utilize her resolve to see that it was completed on time and properly.
A firm purpose or reaction.
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