solv-, -solu-, solut-, -sol, -soluble, -solubility, -solvent

(Latin: loosen, to loose; to dissolve; to untie, to set free)

electrolyte solution
Any solution containing electrolytes prepared for oral, parenteral, or rectal administration for the replacement or supplementation of ions necessary for homeostasis.

The loss of potassium ion by vomiting, by diarrhea, or the action of certain medications, including diuretics and corticosteroids, may be corrected by administering a solution high in potassium.

electrolytic solution
1. A liquid that contains a solvent, usually water, and an associated ionic compound; such as, an acid.
2. A solution made up of a solvent and a dissociated ionic solute.

It will conduct electricity, and ions can be separated from the solution by deposition on an electrically charged electrode.

In chemistry, a colloidal system in which the dispersion medium is water, and the dispersed phase may be a solid, a gas, or another liquid.
Water soluble.
insolvable (adjective), more insolvable, most insolvable
1. Impossible of being discharged or paid: Jack lost his job and, after telling the bank of his financial difficulties and that his debt on the credit was momentarily insolvable, he asked for a payment extension in order to clear his debt in the future.
2. Not liable to be figured out, deciphered, answered, or explained: Jane thought that the math assignment was insolvable and wanted to ask her teacher the next time the class had math.
insolvably (adverb), insolvably, most insolvably
Pertaining to how something cannot be explained or figured out: The issue seemed to be insolvably complicated and difficult, so the members of the staff decided to move on to the next item on the agenda.
1. Not solvent; unable to satisfy creditors or discharge liabilities, either because liabilities exceed assets or because of the inability to pay debts as they mature.
2. A reference to bankrupt people or to bankruptcy.
3. Having ceased paying or unable to pay debts as they fall due in the usual course of business.