(Latin: mark, token, indication; a fact, a condition, or a quality)

design (verb), designs, designed; designing
design engineering
The vocation in a branch of engineering concerned with the design of a product or facility according to generally accepted uniform standards and procedures; such as, the specification of a linear dimension, or a manufacturing practice; for example, the consistent use of a particular size of screw to fasten covers.
designable (adjective), more designable, most designable
1. Identifiable, distinguishable: It was probable that the three sections of the plot were designable by using the same expression.
2. Subject to being represented in a graphic form: The idea of what the building was to look like was designable for sure, and so plans were being created on a computer.
designate (verb), designates; designated; designating
designing (adjective), more designing, most designing
Relating to conniving or scheming to get something that is wanted: Marilyn had a designing plan that she would get others to do the work that she was assigned to do for the project and then pretend that she had actually done the work herself.

The designing woman was trying to entice the man into thinking that she would be a highly qualified person to work with him in his business.

Artful and crafty in achieving a desired objective.
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floral design
The art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition.