septi-, sept-, septem-

(Latin: seven, seventh; a word element for number 7)

septangle (sep-TAN-guhl) (s) (noun), septangles (pl)
A figure that has seven sides and seven connecting edges: Septangles occasionally occur in nature as cacti cross-sections.
septangular (sep-TANG-you-luhr) (adjective), more septangular, most septangular
Descriptive of a geometric shape with seven straight sides and seven junctions: While in the desert, Jim discovered that some cacti, which when sliced, showed their cross-sections in the forms of stars or septangular shapes.
One of seven rulers.
Sovereignty wielded by seven rulers.
septave (s) (nouns), septaves (pl)
A seven-tone musical scale.
Flowing in seven streams.
septemfluous (adjective)
septemplicate (s), septemplicates (pl) (nouns)
One of seven exact copies of a document.
One of a body of seven men associated in an office or commission.
septenary (adjective)
1. Pertaining to or relating to the number seven, or forming a group of seven; as in the number of days in a week.
septenary, septennary (adjectives)
1. That which is lasting for seven years.
2. Occurring every seven years.
septenate (adjective)
Referring to being divided into seven portions or parts.