(Latin: a suffix forming adjectives from nouns ending in -ary; a person who, a thing that; a person who is a part of something, pertaining to one's state or condition; a person who has a connection with or belief in the stated subject; a promotor of something; a native or inhabitant of someplace; someone of a certain age)

1. Belonging to or connected with a planet or planets; planetary.
2. An astrologer.
3. An inhabitant of a planet.
Someone who habitually uses platitudes or a flat, dull, or trite remark; especially, one that is uttered as if it were fresh or profound; a cliché.
Someone, or those, who believe that Jesus Christ will return after, and not at or before, the millennium; which refers to the belief that Jesus will return to earth and conduct God's final judgment.

This was the near universal belief system of Protestants during the 17th and 18th centuries. It has since been replaced by Pre-millennialism among many conservative Christians.

predestinarian (s) (noun), predestinarians (pl)
1. Someone who believes or maintains the theological doctrine of destiny or fate, especially in an extreme form: Jack was considered to be a predestinarian, or fatalist, who thought he was doomed to die the next day because of a traffic accident!
2. In theology, anyone who believes God has determined all occurrances in advance: A predestinarian accepts the doctrine that God has foreordained every event throughout eternity including the final salvation of mankind.
proletarian (s) (noun), proletarians (pl)
1. A member of the poorest class of a community: A proletarian is without capital or regular employment and usually one who does manual labor.
2. Etymology: from Latin proletarius, "citizen of the lowest class"; in ancient Rome, people without property who were exempted from taxes and military service, and who served the state by having children; from proles, "offspring, progeny".
quadragenarian, quadragenarious
A person who is forty years old or forty to forty-nine years old.
A person who is fifty years old or fifty to fifty-nine years of age.
Someone who is five years old.
Frog-like; froggy.
riparian (ri PAR ee uhn) (adjective), more riparian, most riparian
A reference to land on or near the bank of a river, a stream, or a lake: The Smiths were looking for a cottage on a piece of property where they could enjoy the riparian wildlife in their area from their front porch.
Pertaining to something that lives on a river bank or edge of a lake.
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rosarian (s) (noun), rosarians (pl)
A person who is interested in the cultivation of roses; especially, an amateur rose-grower.
Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Rotary organization, a Rotary Club, or Rotarians.
sacramentarian (s) (noun), sacramentarians (pl)
In Christianity, a belief that the consecrated bread and wine of the Communion merely symbolize the body and blood of Jesus Christ: During the sacramentarian in a church, the bread and wine are passed to each member of the congregation and they are reminded that they are acknowledging Jesus Christ's last supper before His crucifixion.
Of, pertaining to, or characterized by Sagittarius; born under the astrological sign of Sagittarius.
Used to designate those species of Trypanosoma (genus of protozoa parasitic in the blood and lymph of invertebrates and vertebrates) which occur in the bloodstream of the secondary host, and are transmitted from its mouth when it bites a vertebrate.

Trypanosoma are a genus of Protozoa that causes serious infections in humans and domestic animals. African trypanosomes, of the brucei group, are carried by Tsetse flies and, when they enter the bloodstream of the mammalian host go through a complex series of stages.