(Latin: a suffix forming adjectives from nouns ending in -ary; a person who, a thing that; a person who is a part of something, pertaining to one's state or condition; a person who has a connection with or belief in the stated subject; a promotor of something; a native or inhabitant of someplace; someone of a certain age)

fermentarian (s) (noun), fermentarians (pl)
A name applied in reproach by Latin Christians to those of the Greek church: There seems to be an ongoing disagreement between Latin Christians and Orthodox Christians, or fermentarians, who use leavened bread for the ceremony of the Eucharist.
1. Anyone who adheres to a diet that consists of non-animal based foods, but occasionally indulges in meat.
2. A person who eats a mostly vegetarian diet, but who is also willing to eat meat or fish occasionally.
3. Etymology: a combination of flexible + vegetarian.
"People are looking at what is in our food supply; hormones, disease, antibiotics, whatever," says Justina Walls, who teaches a class called "Transitioning to Vegetarianism" at Colorado Free University. And that concern has led to a burst of interest in meatless dishes, and a new breed of "flexitarians" who eat primarily fruits, grains and vegetables, but who won't say no to steak or salmon.
—"Go veggie" by Kristin Browning-Blas;
The Denver Post; April 18, 2001.
as seen in Word Spy
1. Relating to or resembling ants.
2. Plants which attract ants by means of sweet secretions.
1. Someone whose diet includes fruits, seeds, and nuts but no vegetables, grains, or animal products.
2. A person whose diet consists chiefly of fruit.
1. Someone who is versed in the knowledge of grammar, or of language generally; a philologist; often signifying also a writer about, or a teacher of grammar who teaches the rules setting forth the current standard of usage for teaching or reference purposes..
2. Someone who is very skilled in grammar or a linguist who specializes in the study of grammar and syntax; such as, a set of rules that describe the structure of a language and control the way that sentences are formed.
3. A writer on grammar, especially someone who espouses (gives one's loyalty or support to) or advocates prescriptive rules.
One skilled in the knowledge of herbs, a herbalist.
humanitarian (s) (noun), humanitarians (pl)
A person who advocates or practices concern for the pain or suffering of other people and who devotes and strives to help others improve their lives.
humanitarian (adjective); more humanitarian, most humanitarian
1. A reference to someone who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms; a philanthropist: Joe, quite a humanitarian, was determined to support those in need and so he helped the blind, the poor, and made donations to relief programs.
2. Relating to efforts to help people who are living in very bad conditions and who are suffering because of a war, flood, earthquake, etc.: After the bombing and end of the armed conflicts, humanitarian aid was given to the victims who had lost their homes, were very sick and needed medication, and to those who were starving.
Concerned with the needs of other people.
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Hungarian (Magyar) days
hétfo= (Monday)
kedd (Tuesday)
szerda (Wednesday)
csütörtök (Thursday)
péntek (Friday)
szombat (Saturday)
vasánap (Sunday)

Hungarian (Magyar) months
január (January)
február (February)
március (March)
április (April)
május (May)
június (June)
július (July)
augusztus (August)
szeptember (September)
október (October)
november (November)
december (December)
—Based on information from
Eastern Europe Phrase Book by Koronczi Katalin;
Published by Lonely Planet; Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia; 1992
International Dictionary in 21 Languages by H.L. Ouseg;
Philosophical Library; New York; 1962.
inegalitarian, inegalitarianism
One who denies or opposes equality between persons.
1. A person who believes in infralapsarianism.
2. Of or pertaining to infralapsarians or infralapsarianism.
inhumanitarian, inhumanitarianism
One who does not accept the views and practices of humanitarianism.
insectarian, insectarianism
Anyone who feeds on insects.
lactovegetarian (s) (noun), lactovegetarians (pl)
1. Anyone who lives on a mixed diet of milk and milk products, eggs, and vegetables, but stays away from or avoids meat.
2. Someone who eats vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts, and milk products; but not animal flesh.