scio-, sci-, scia-

(Greek: shade, shadow; ghost)

sciophile (s) (noun), sciophiles (pl)
Creatures that are thriving in shaded situations, or in living in habitats of low light intensity or shadows who strongly prefer to be in the shade.
sciophilous (adjective), more sciophilous, most sciophilous
A reference to preferring or thriving better in a shaded habitat; especially, a plant or plant community that is growing best in shade.
sciophyllous (adjective), more sciophyllous, most sciophyllous
Shade-loving or thriving much better in the shade than in the direct sunlight.
sciophyte (s) (noun), sciophytes (pl)
Plants that are adapted to grow in shady areas.
scioptic (adjective), more scioptic, most scioptic
Any living creature or vegetation that has a strong preference for existing in shady areas.
sciotheism (s) (noun), sciotheisms (pl)
A religion in which ghosts are worshiped instead of gods: The doctrine of sciotheism involves the worship of departed ancestors and the spirits of dead people; especially, those believed to appear in bodily likenesses to living people which are the center of spiritual lives and souls.