argyro-, argyr-

(Greek: silver)

argyrophilous (adjective), more argyrophilous, most argyrophilous
argyrophily (s) (noun), argyrophilies (pl)
A binding or thriving together with silver salts.
argyrosiderosis (s) (noun) (no plural)
A pulmonary or lung condition that is caused by exposure to a mixture of silver and iron dusts in polishing silver with rouge: The argyrosiderosis is not associated with any definite pathological changes but the metal deposits in the lungs produce radiologic changes.

Argyrosiderosis is a condition or a form of pneumoconiosis that is caused by the inhalation of iron oxide mixed with silver as seen in arc welders, silver polishers, and workers in iron and steel factories.

argyrosis (s) (noun), argyroses (pl)