rhapho-, rhaph-, rhap-, -rhaph, -rhaphy, -orrhaphy, -rrhaphy

(Greek: suture, stitching, joining in a seam)

omentorrhaphy (s) (noun), omentorrhaphies (pl)
Suture or repair of the omentum: Dr. Thompson informed Jack of the upcoming omentorrhaphy whereby the opening in the momentum would be mended by stiching the parts together. .
orchiopexy, orchiorrhaphy
Surgical fixation of the testis in the scrotum, usually in cases of undescensus.
Surgical correction of a cleft palate, the cleft involving the soft palate and the soft tissues over the hard palate.
A suturing of the pericardium.
Suture of the perineum, performed in perineoplasty.
Repair or reconstruction of a vein by suturing its wall.
rhapsody (s) (noun), rhapsodies (pl)
1. A piece of classical music that is not regular in form and expresses strong emotions: When Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is well performed, it sends many people in the audience into rhapsodies.
2. A feeling of great enthusiasm or the thing that someone says or writes to express such excitement.
1. An operation performed by excising a fold of skin from the nose and closing the opening with sutures.
2. A plastic reduction in the size of the nose, in which redundant nasal tissue is removed by section, followed by approximation and suture of the wound edges.
staphylorrhaphy (s) (noun), staphylorrhaphies (pl)
Suture of a cleft palate: Staphylorrhaphy is a surgical technique to restore a cleft palate by putting together the varied parts of the cleft into one shape or unit.