put-, puta-, -pute, -puter, -puting, -putate, -putation, -putative

(Latin: putatus past participle of putare: to think over, consider, reckon, count; to trim, prune, lop, cut, clean, clear, unmixed)

From Latin, puto-, putare: literally; especially of trees, "to lop, to prune" and "to cleanse, to clear"; then (1) "to clear up, to settle"; especially, of accounts; (2) "to reckon, to estimate, to value"; (3) "to consider, to hold, to believe, to think".

Cassell's New Latin Dictinary; Funk & wagnalls Company; New York; 1968.
unaccountable (adjective), more unaccountable, most unaccountable
1. Not answerable or responsible to anyone: He was a salesman who was unaccountable to anyone except the president of the company.
2. Impossible to explain or to give a wherefore for something: Max couldn't think of one
reason why he got such a bad and unaccountable grade on his last test, so he asked his teacher for clarification.
unaccountableness (s) (noun)
Not responsible; free from control.
unaccountably (adverb), more unaccountably, most unaccountably
Concerning something that is not able to be explained or understood: Wilber's father said that he felt unaccountably good when he got up that morning.

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