ptomato-, ptomat-, pto-, -ptosia, -ptosis, -ptoma, -ptot-

(Greek: fall, a falling down of an organ; drooping, sagging; corpse)

1. A localized or general wasting of the body.
2. The gradual wasting of the whole body or of any organ in the body.
uvuloptosis, uvulaptosis (s) (noun); uvuloptoses; uvulaptoses (pl)
Relaxation or elongation of the central structure which is suspended from the edge of the soft palate or roof of the mouth: Uvuloptosis is a condition that exists when the uvula is extended because of the lengthening of its muscle fibers.
visceroptosis (s) (noun), visceroptosia (pl)
The sinking or lowering displacement of an abdominal organ; such as, the intestine or kidney: The visceroptosis is a disease exists in various degrees of severity and may show no symptoms at all; however, there it can result in a loss of appetite, heartburn, nervous dyspepsia (indigestion), constipation, or diarrhea, headache, vertigo (dizziness), emaciation (extreme weight loss), and the inability to sleep.