arbor-, arbori-

(Latin: tree, trees)

If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.

—Hal Borland in Beyond your Doorstep

Urban Development is cutting down trees and naming streets after them.

arboricoline (adjective), more arboricoline, mostarboricoline
Growing on trees.
arboricultural (adjective), more arboricultural, most arboricultural
A reference to the planting and care of woody plants, especially trees.
arboriculture (s) (noun), arboricultures (pl)
1. The cultivation of trees and shrubs for use or for ornamental reasons.
2. The planting and care of woody plants, especially trees.
arboriculturist (s) (noun), arboriculturists (pl)
1. Someone who cultivates trees and shrubs for lumber use or for ornamental reasons.
2. Someone who is trained in forestry.
1. Transformation into a tree or a tree-like structure.
2. The process by which a tree is the "reincarnation" of a human.
Tree-like in shape; resembling a tree in form and branching structure.
arborify (verb), arborifies; arborified; arborifying
1. Making into a tree-like condition or in a tree form and branching structure.
2. The process by which humans are transformed into trees.
1. An expert in the cultivation and care of trees.
2. A specialist in treating damaged trees.
3. A specialist in the cultivation and care of trees and shrubs, including tree surgery, the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of tree diseases, and the control of pests.
arborization, aborisation (British)
1. The development of many branching parts or formations.
2. The appearance or figure of a tree or plant, as in minerals or fossils; a dendrite.
3. The formation of a treelike shape or arrangement.
4. A branching pattern in the termination of a nerve fiber, as of an axon in a central tract, the axon of a free nerve ending in subcutaneous tissue, or a motoneuron in a muscle.
arborize (verb), arborizes: arborized; arborizing
1. To produce or to have a branching arrangement: In her biology book, Jenny could see in a picture how the bronchial tubes of the lungs arborized or furcated.
2. To branch freely and repeatedly: Shirley's nerve fibers arborized properly for the medical physician to see.
Having a branching or treelike structure; said especially of colonies of certain protozoa.
arborolatry (s) (noun), arborolatries (pl)
The worship of trees.
arborophilia, arborphilia
Having a special fondness for trees.
Of, relating to, or formed by trees.
A branch of arboriculture specifically involved with the shaping of tree trunks and branches into structures with ornamental or functional utility.

Basic techniques involve pruning, grafting, and bending single or multiple trees into shapes that grow thicker and stronger as they develop.