pre-, prae-

(Latin: before [both in time and place])

The prefix prae- can actually be substituted for pre- because both of them are different spellings for the same prefix meaning "before".

Occurring, or pertaining to what may occur, before (some one’s) death.
premundane (adjective), more premundane, most premundane
1. A reference to a period before the creation of the world.
2. Relating to being or occurring before this world came into existence.
Existing or occurring before birth with reference to the fetus.
Preceding the development of a tumor.
prenuptial (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to events that take place before a wedding.
prenuptial agreement (s) (noun), prenuptial agreements (pl)
A written agreement by a couple who plan to marry in which financial matters, including rights following divorce, or the death of one spouse, are legally detailed.
Preceding a medical operation.
preordain (verb), preordains; preordained; preordaining
To make or to determine that something is to be done in advance of an action: Catherine was such a romantic that she preordained that her meeting of a young man on a cruise ship was the beginning of a life long relationship.
preponderance (s) (noun), preponderances (pl)
1. Beyond the usual limits in weight, force, importance, or influence: The preponderance of factory buildings has made the city less healthy than it once was because of the pollutions in the air.
2. Excess numbers or being greater in amounts: The preponderance of poor people is increasing more and more on a global scale.

Estimates indicate that there is a preponderance of women among the older populations.

There is a preponderance of lawyers in the U.S. Congress compared to other professions.

Superiority in weight or quantity.
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