poten-, pot-, poss-, -potent, -potence, -potency, -potential +

(Latin: power, strength, ability, able; having authority over; rule over, command of)

noctipotence (s) (noun), noctipotences (pl)
A power linked with the night: The legendary vampire could be an example of noctipotence in which the corpse or vampire is only active and sucks blood from the living during the night, but not during the day when it lies in its coffin.
omnipotence (s) (noun), omnipotences (pl)
A condition of having unlimited power: For some people, omnipotence consists of special abilities, dominance, and superiority over others.
An unlimited power or strength.
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omnipotent (adjective), more omnipotent, most omnipotent
1. Descriptive of being powerful and almighty: Many people believe that love is omnipotent, and is strong and prevailing.
2. Relating to something which has unlimited authority or force: The power of nature that created the world must be omnipotent.
3. Referring to the almighty or infinite in power, as God: One omnipotent belief is that a deity can do anything it chooses to do, therefore having supremacy over everything.
A reference to having great authority or power.
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omnipotently (adverb), more omnipotently, most omnipotently
Referring to how someone performs with unlimited power: There are some dictators in the world who lead their country omnipotently and with virtually unrestricted and total authority and influence.
overpotent (adjective), more overpotent , most overpotent
Too powerful_ The perfume that Jane used was so overpotent that the hosts of the party opened all the doors and windows while everyone else tried to move away from her!
parvipotence (s) (noun) (no pl)
The condition of possessing only little power: Parvipotence was part of little Tommy's life in his family because he was only four!
parvipotent (adjective), more parvipotent , most parvipotent
Concerning the state of having little or limited power or authority: Students at school have a parvipotent status because they are not allowed to do what they want to, but to do what the teacher decides for them to do.
pene-omnipotence (s) (noun), pene-omnipotences (pl)
The condition of being almost almighty; nearly absolute: Former President Mr. Trump gave many people the impression that he possessed pene-omnipotence in that he could have total authority in his country, next to God!
pene-omnipotent (adjective), more pene-omnipotent, most pene-omnipotent
Referring to the condition of being almost all-powerful: In the story Robert was reading, the pene-omnipotent prince was next in supremacy to his father, the king of the country.
pennipotence (s) (noun), pennipotences (pl)
The state of being powerful in flight; strong of wing: When the cranes flew south for the winter, they showed much pennipotence and endurance.
pennipotent (adjective), more pennipotent, most pennipotent
Concerning the condition of being powerful in flight or strong on the wing: Jack thought that the plane was quite pennipotent because the flight was totally smooth and without any turbulences.
plenipotence (s) (noun), plenipotences (pl)
The possession of total power: Mr. Thompson asked his daughter Jane that she should have the plenipotence or authority to transact his business affairs in case he was not able to do it himself.
plenipotent (adjective), more plenipotent, most plenipotent
Invested with or possessing full power: The plenipotent officer was important in making certain decisions regarding the safety of the town's citizens.
plenipotentiary (s) (noun), plenipotentiaries (pl)
A diplomatic agent: The ambassador was a plenipotentiary who was fully authorized to represent his government.
pluripotence (s) (noun), pluripotence (pl)
The ability of a cell to differentiate into any kind of cell tissue: Pluripotence can take place in a human body, but not in placental tissues.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "master, lead, leading, ruler, ruling, govern": -agogic; agon-; arch-; -crat; dom-; gov-; magist-; regi-; tyran-.