(Latin: after, behind, later, subsequent)

Occurring after a fever.
postfix (s) (noun), postfixes (pl)
The addition of  a letter or group of letters to the end of a word; a suffix: Jane learned in her English class that the addition of the postfix ment as the last part of "arrange" formed a new word known as "arrangement".
1. Relating to or occurring during the time following a glacial period.
2. After a given glacial epoch; especially, the Pleistocene.
3. A reference to, or designating, an epoch after the last Glacial and before the Terrace epoch.
postgraduate (pohst" GRAJ yoo wit)
A student taking a course of study after graduation.
posthostility, poshostilities
1. Occurring after someone's death; for example, a posthumous child is one who is born after the death of its father or mother.
2. Something which is published or printed after the author's death: "His book was a posthumous publication."
Publishing posthumously proves dead men or women do tell tales.
A suggestion made to someone under hypnosis that is to be acted upon at a later time after the period of hypnosis is over.
postilion, postillion (s) (noun); postilions, postillions (pl)
A person who, more often in the past, rode on one of a team of horses that were pulling a coach: The postilion usually rode on one of the two or more steeds that were drawing a carriage in order to guide them; especially, when the four-wheeled coach didn't have a coachman.

One day, Brenda and Cindy saw the postilion in his colorful uniform with brass buttons as he was riding one of the mounts and guiding all of the equines (horses) that were hauling the coach.

Treatment after the surgical removal of a portion of the iris of the eye.