-poeia, -poie, -peia, -poiesis, -poesis, -poeic, -poetic, -poietic, -poetical, -poietical +

(Greek: making, producing, creating, creative, forming, formation)

In medical terminology, the "creation" or "production" of that which is named by the combining root.

leucopoiesis, leucopoiesis, leukopoiesis (s) (noun) (no pl)
The formation or production of white blood cells: Leucopoiesis, or the creation of leucocytes, takes place in the bone marrow existing in the bones of adults and in the hematopoietic organs in the unborn child.
leukopoietic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to or characterised by leukopoiesis: A leukopoietic form of hematopoiesis in which white blood cells are created in the bone marrow and reticuloendothelial and lymphoid tissues, which form (respectively) the granulocytes, monocytes, and lymphocytes.
leukopoietin (s) (noun), leukopoietins (pl)
A type of substances created by neutrophils when encountering a foreign antigen: Leukopoietin is a hypothetical substance presumed to be the humoral means of regulating leukopoiesis.
The use of words, not only for their direct meaning, but also for the uniquely aesthetic content; i.e., that which cannot be captured by music or other art forms.
1. The art of forming melody; melody; now often used for a melodic passage, rather than a complete melody.
2. Dramatic art concerned with music.
The formation of monocytes.

Monocytes are transported to tissues such as the lung and liver, where they develop into macrophages.

The formation of bone marrow or of blood cells derived from bone marrow.
1. The creating of myths.
2. Of or relating to the making of myths.
3. Serving to create or engender myths; productive in mythmaking.
mythopoeic, mythopoetic
1. Relating to, involving, or engaged in the production of myths.
2. Serving to create or engender myths; productive in mythmaking.
The composition of myths.
The production of mucus.
Forming kidney tissue.
nosogenic, nosopoietic
1. Causing a disease or an abnormality of health.
2. Pathogenic, pathogenetic; or that which produces a disease.
Causing or producing disease.
oenopoetic (ee" noh poh ET ik) (adjective), more oenopoetic , most oenopoetic
A reference to or relating the production of wine: The greatest oenopoetic nations are said to be France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, and Algeria.

Germany, in its Rhine and Moselle wines, has been known to provide oenopoetic qualities for the pleasure of its consumers.