(Latin: a suffix; pertaining to, of the nature of, like; denoting an agent)

A line drawn on a weather map that connects places with equal atmospheric pressure over a given period or at a given time.

Isobars are often used collectively to indicate the movement or formation of weather systems.

1. Referring to a lamella or lamellae.
2. Noting a type of armor composed of small plates or lames laced together.
Having to do with a lobe or lobes; for example, lobar pneumonia.
lunar (adjective), more lunar, most lunar
Relating to the large round object that circles the Earth and which shines at night by reflecting light from the sun: The lunar object in the sky is observed as it wanes (reduces its reflection of sun light and viewing with a person's curved left hand) or waxes (increases its reflection of sun light by using one's curved right hand) as seen from the Earth.

For more details, click on this Calendar, Moon Phases unit so you can see more details about the aspects of the moon.

The moon responds.
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1. Pertaining to the mutual relations of the sun and moon, or resulting from their combined action.
2. Lunisolar period: a cycle of 532 years, that number being the product of 19 and 28, the numbers of years in the cycles of the moon and sun respectively.
3. Lunisolar year: a year whose divisions are regulated by the revolutions of the moon, while its average total length is made to agree with the revolution of the sun.
1. A brothel, a bordello, or a whorehouse.
2. An establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution.

In some places, licensed brothels are legal and in some large cities, brothels may be confined to special "red-light" districts or in recognized places where prostitutes have rooms so they are no longer hanging around on the streets.

Relating to one or both malleoli.
monopolar needle electrode
A needle electrode consisting of a single piece of stainless steel wire coated with insulating material except at the tips.

It must be accompanied by another electrode as a reference.

monopolar stimulating electrode
A stimulating electrode which has the two terminals attached separately and relatively far apart.
Morphological variation, the variants within a species defined by variation in morphological characteristics.
1. Having several countries that are centers of power or influence.
2. Used to describe a nerve cell with more than two of the connecting fibers that carry impulses into the cell body.
1. The sweet, saccharine secretion, or liquid that flowering plants produce as a way of attracting insects and small birds that assist in pollination.
2. A thick drink made from puréed fruit; such as, mango nectar.
3. The juice of a fruit; especially, when not diluted; or a blend of fruit juices; such as, pear nectar; tropical nectar, etc.
4. In Greek and Roman mythology, the drink of the gods that sustained their beauty and immortality.
5. An enjoyable, delicious, or much appreciated drink.
1. Relating to or constituting the nucleus of an atom.
2. A reference to or constituting the nucleus of a cell.
3. Constituting or like a nucleus: "Annexation of the suburban fringe by the nuclear metropolis."
4. Deriving destructive energy from the release of atomic energy.