plic-, pli- plect-, plec-, plici-, -plex, -plexity, -plexus,
-ple, -pli, -plic, -plicat, -plicit, -plicate, -plication, -ply

(Latin: plicare, plecare, to fold, bend, curve, turn, twine, twist, interweave, weave)

perplexed (adjective), more perplexed, most perplexed
1. Related to anything that is hard to understand or which is confusing: Mr. Smith, the cashier, gave Ingrid a perplexed look when she told him that he charged her too much for the dress which was supposed to be on sale at a reduced price.
2. A reference to something that is very difficult to comprehend or is full of bewilderment: Martin's explanation to Sharon for being late left her thoroughly perplexed because what he said simply did not make any sense.
Hard to understand and confusing.
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perplexity (s) (noun), perplexities (pl)
1. Anything that is confusing and very difficult to comprehend: "No matter how much we try, we will never be able to solve all of the perplexities of our lives."
2. A condition of being very confused because something is so difficult to comprehend or understand: "There was a look of perplexity on Mona's face when she was told that all of the items that she wanted to buy were no longer available because of the special sale."
1. To interlace branches or vines to make a hedge, a decorative shape, an arbor, etc.
2. Etymology: from Old French plechier, from Latin plectere, "to plait".
pliability (s) (noun), pliabilities (pl)
The capability of being bendable or flexible: Because of its pliability, Janice loved working with clay and she could form anything with it, like cups, bowls, vases, etc.
pliable (adjective), more pliable, most pliable
1. Able to be easily bent: Jane's arms and legs were so pliable and flexible when she practiced her ballet lessons.
2. Disposed to comply with or consent to something or someone; easily influenced: Sam was pliable and easily persuaded to go horseback riding with Judy the day before because he just loves horses!
pliably (adverb), more pliably, most pliably
1. Concerning how something can be bent or twisted: Ruth wanted to use the rubber band, which was pliably convenient, to wrap around the bag of coffee beans.
2. Descriptive of how a person can be easily influenced: Sometimes teenagers can be pliably guided by others to do things their parents don't want them to do!
3. Pertaining to how something is capable of being readily adjusted to various conditions: The contract was adapted pliably to fit the needs of the client.
pliant (adjective), more pliant, most pliant
1. A reference to someone who is easily influenced: The teacher had pliant students who learned more from her than from most of the other instructors in the school.
2. Characteristic of something or of a person that can change easily to fit different situations: Pete was a pliant carpenter who adapted to the various methods necessary to complete his projects.
3. Referring to something which is flexible, bendable, limber, or moldable: The soft leather was used for making clothing because it was so pliant and supple.
4. Etymology: from Latin plicare, "to fold", from French pliant, "bending".
Yielding easily to influence.
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Inter-related cross references involving word units meaning "bend, curve, turn": diversi-; diverticul-; flect-, flex-; gyro-; meand-; streph-; stroph-; tors-; tropo-; verg-; vers-; volv-.