planta-, plant-

(Latin: sole of the foot; to tread down with the sole or the flat bottom or the underside of the foot; and by extension, to level the ground for sowing seeds)

transplant (s) (noun), transplants (pl)
1. The act of uprooting and moving a non-animal living organism to a new location: The transplants consisting of flowers were successful.
2. An operation involving the moving a bodily organ from one person (the donor) to another person (the recipient): Henry had a kidney transplant that saved his life.
transplant (verb), transplants; transplanted; transplanting
1. Placing an organ of a donor into the body of another person: Dr. Anderson and Dr. White made arrangements to transplant Arnold's kidney into his sister Rebecca.
2. To lift and to reset growing seedlings into a different area of soil: The farmer transplanted the young rice plants.
vascular plant (s) (noun), vascular plants (pl)
Any kind of flora containing specialized conducting tissues (xylem, water-conducting tissues; and phloem, tissue that conducts water and nutrients through the body) and typically differentiated (biological specialization) into roots, stems, and leaves: Vascular plants use a process in which cells or tissues undergo changes toward more specialized forms or functions of tissues: especially, during embryonic development.
vegetable kingdom, plant kingdom (s) (noun); vegetable kingdoms, plant kingdoms (pl)
A division of living things consisting of botanical growth; especially, in contrast with the animal and mineral kingdoms: The botanist, Mr. Lange, explained how the plant kingdoms differ from zoology and the natural use of soil substances.
vegetational plant geography (s) (noun) (no pl)
A field of study which maps the growing regions of seedling organisms and analyzes them in terms of ecology, environmental, or ecological conditions: Mr. Younge, the professor of geography, was telling Kevin and the rest of his students about vegetational plant geography and how it differs in various areas of the world.

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