phyto-, phyt-, -phyte

(Greek: a plant; growth; growing in a specified way or place; to produce)

1. A woody plant.
2. A plant living in or on wood.
zoophyte, zoophytic
Any of various invertebrate animals that resemble plants in morphology (form) or mode of life more than that of an animal; such as, the sea anemones, corals, sponges, etc.

In context: Sponges are just barely animals. In fact, they are such a borderline case that until the nineteenth century they were called zoophytes, the animal-plants. Sponges are among the most primitive forms of multicellular animal life.

zoophytology, zoophytological
1. The branch of zoology concerned with the zoophytes.
2. The biology of zoophytes; such as, sea-anemones, crinoids, corals, and sponges.
A plant in which reproduction is done by the union of two similar reproductive cells which unite in fertilization.