physic-, physico-, physi-, physio-, phy-

(Greek: nature, natural, inborn [to make grow, to produce])

Government that functions according to natural laws or principles.
A humorous colloquial abbreviation of physiognomy.
The science of the beginning and development of the individual during the embryonic stage and, by extension, in several or even all preceding and subsequent stages of the life cycle.
The germ history of the functions, or the history of the development of vital activities, in the individual, being one of the branches of ontogeny.
Divination by observing the facial expressions of a subject and interpreting forms, lines, etc. of the face.
Relating to, or characteristic of physiognomy or the physiognomy.
Among physicians, signs in the countenance that indicate the state, temperament, or constitution of the body and mind.
1. Someone who practices physiognomy, a pseudoscience, based on the belief that the study and judgement of a person's outer appearance, primarily the face, reflects his/her character or personality.
2. Scientific correlation physiognomy, in which there are believed to be rough statistical correlations between physical features (especially facial features) and character traits due to a person's physical preferences that are caused by corresponding character traits; such that gene mixing causes the correlations; this type of physiognomy is therefore based on genetic determinism of character.
physiognomy, physiognomies, physiognomic
1. The features of someone's face, especially when such features are used as indicators of that person's character or temperament.
2. The use of facial features to judge someone's character or temperament.
3. The character or outward appearance of something, e.g. the physical features of a landscape.
Diagnosis of a disease based on facial characteristics and expressions.
The generation or production of nature; the birth of nature.
One versed in physiography; a physical geographer.
Of or belonging to physiography.
Dealing with or treating of physiography; pertaining to physiography.