pend-, -pens, -pense, -pending, -pended

(Latin: hang, hanging; weigh, weighing; to cause to hang down; related to words in this pond- unit.)

To treat as of trivial value.
Hanging from a rope; connected with a hanging rope.
Herniotomy combined with appendectomy.
impending (adjective), more impending, most impending
1. Descriptive of something that is happening or very likely to happen soon: The thunder that Art and Marge hear in the distance is very likely to be an impending warning that a storm is on its way.
2. Close in time and about to take place or to happen in the near future: Mark is looking forward to his impending retirement next month.
Imminently threatening or menacing.
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Threatening or about to happen very soon.
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Literally, overhanging or suspended and about to fall.
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Approaching soon; as, an impending disaster.
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indispensable (adjective), more indispensable, most indispensable
1. Completely necessary: Rick thought that potato chips were an indispensable part of his diet, but he learned after a while that he was wrong!

Most people think that a mobile phone is a totally indispensable part of their lives!
2. Impossible of being ignored or neglected: Jim and Joan had indispensable functions as parents towards their children to provide them with the best possible home.

indispensably (adverb), more indispensably most indispensably
Relating to how something is absolutely required or essential: In order for Clive to have a firm and healthy body, his personal trainer said that exercising at the gym was indispensably necessary.