pelvi-, pelvio-, pelvo-, pelyco- +

(Latin: basin; basin-shaped structure of the body)

Relating to the abdomen and pelvis, especially the combined abdominal and pelvic cavities.
android pelvis, funnel-shaped pelvis
A female pelvis shape having certain characteristics of the typical male pelvis.

The inlet is wedge-shaped, the side walls converge, and the retropubic angle and the subpubic arch are both narrow.

asymmetrical pelvis
Pelvic obliquity caused by either a discrepancy in leg length or fixed lumbar scoliosis.
Referring to the size of the fetal head in relation to the maternal pelvis.
chronic idiopathic pelvic pain (CIPP)
An unexplained pelvic pain in a woman that has lasted six months or longer.
dolichopellic, dolichopelvic
Having an abnormally long or narrow pelvis.
dwarf pelvis, pelvis nana
A pelvis that is very small, with the bones united by cartilage as in infants.
endopelvic, intrapelvic
Within the pelvis.
giant pelvis, justomajor pelvis, pelvis justo major, pelvis aequabiliter justo major, justo major
A pelvis that is symmetric but unusually large.
Relating to the iliac (lower part of the small intestine) region and the cavity of the pelvis.
1. Concerning the infundibulum (funnel-shaped or dilated organ) and the pelvis of a bodily organ; especially, the kidney.
2. Relating to any two structures called infundibulum and pelvis: such as, the expanded portion of a calyx and the pelvis of the kidney, or the fimbriated extremity of the uterine tube and the pelvis.
Referring to the pelvis and the abdomen or the pelvic and abdominal cavities.

The pelvis is the basin-shaped structure that supports the organs of the lower abdomen. It receives the weight of the upper body and distributes it to the legs and it also forms the base for numerous muscle attachments.

Related to, or referring to, a pelvis, usually the bony pelvis.
pelvic girdle
The two hipbones united at the pubic symphysis.

They support the trunk of the body on the lower extremities.

pelvic hammock
A canvas sling, generally attached to an overhead bed frame and used to suspend the lower part of the trunk and pelvis in pelvic fractures.