-osis, -sis, -sia, -sy, -se

(Greek > Latin: a suffix; actor, process, condition, or state of; result of; expresses a state or abnormal condition or process of some disease)

An excessive thickening of the horny or outer layer of the skin.
1. Excessive adiposity.
2. An extreme degree of fatty degeneration.
3. An excess of fat in the blood serum or tissues.
1. Producing or caused by abnormally rapid osmosis (the diffusion of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane from a dilute to a more concentrated solution).
2. Containing a higher concentration of osmotically active components than a standard solution.
A hypertrophy (abnormal enlargement) of bone, either in the form of a local increase in size; such as, an exostosis (non cancerous growth on the surface of a bone), or a generalized increase that involves a whole bone.
hyperpsychosis (s) (noun), hyperpsychoses (pl)
Excessive mental activity beyond one's control.
A diseased state of the blood in which the quantity of fibrin is below normal.
1. Dimminished or lacking "normal" sweating.
2. Also called: hidroschesis, hyphidrosis, olighidria, oligidria, olighydria, oligohidrosis, hypoidrosis.
Presence of an abnormally small amount of fat in the tissues.
1. Congenital deficiency or sparsity of hair.
2. Diminished growth of hair.
1. Knowledge and understanding of speech.
2. Recognition of words and their meanings.
1. A condition in which the larynx is found to have shifted to an unusually low level in the neck and may be abnormally mobile. It is regarded by some as an occasional feature of old age.
2. An abnormally low position of the larynx, which may be congenital or acquired; does not impair the health of the neonate. Some degree of laryngoptosis occurs with aging.
A graft transmissible disease that produces necrotic symptoms in Japanese plum cultivars and apricot cultivars; also known as "apricot chlorotic leaf rolling".

Cultivars are species of plants that are specifically selected and cultivated.

Plum leptonecrosis seems to be present in all European countries where Japanese plum is grown which are associated with mycoplasma (any of numerous parasitic, pathogenic microorganisms) resulting in plum decline (Leptonecrosis).

Any disturbance of fat metabolism.
Fatty infiltration, neutral fats being present in the cells; adiposis.
1. Tending to prolong life; relating to the prolongation of life.
2. The science of prolonging life.