ortho-, orth-

(Greek: right, straight, correct, true; designed to correct)

Having the seeds straight, as in the fruits of some umbelliferous plants; such as, parsley, carrot, parsnip, and fennel
1. Of or relating to an upright standing position.
2. Concerning or caused by an erect position.
orthostatic albuminuria
The appearance of albumin (main protein in human blood) in the urine when the patient is erect and its disappearance when recumbent (lying down).
orthostatic hypotension
A fall of blood pressure which occurs when the erect position is assumed.
orthostatic purpura
Purpura (a condition in which bleeding under the skin causes purplish blotches to appear on the skin) which develops in the lower extremities after prolonged standing.
orthostatic syncope
Syncope (spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood to the brain) when assuming the standing position.
The erect position of the torso (body) when standing.
An apparatus for viewing stereograms or three dimensional pictures or radiographs (images produced on a specially sensitized photographic film or plate by radiation, usually by x-rays or gamma rays).
orthostichy (s), orthostichies (pl)
A longitudinal rank, or row, of leaves along a stem.
1. Having the columns of buildings in a straight row or in straight rows.
2. A range of columns placed in a straight row, as for instance those of the portico or flanks of a classic temple.
Referring to the sympathetic or thoracolumbar (chest and ower back from just below the ribs to the pelvis portions of the vertebral column) division of the autonomic nervous system as distinct from the parasympathetic (neurons that are not under conscious control) or craniosacral division.
An apparatus used for straightening bent bones or bone curvatures.
1. A normal or natural manner of death and dying.
2. Sometimes used to denote the deliberate stopping of artificial or heroic means of maintaining life so the person can die naturally.
Treatment aimed at correcting postural abnormalities.
1. Pertaining to orthosis (straightening of a deformity) or orthotics.
2. Relating to the use of orthoses or other devices for improving or restoring function in the musculoskeletal system.