anti-, ant-

(Greek: against, opposed to, preventive; used as a prefix)

Don't confuse this anti- ("against, preventive") with the anti- which means "before".

1. Any agent that destroys or prevents the growth of fungi.
2. Capable of destroying fungi.
antigaeic (adjective), more antigaeic, most antigaeic
1. Referring to an antagonism to the Earth, its systems, and biota; anti-nature: Some of the kids in school seemed to be very antigaeic because they damaged and even pulled out some of the bushes and flowers that had been planted right next to the school building.
2. Etymology: from anti-, "against" plus Gaea, "earth goddess".
antihidrotic, anhidrotic
1. Acting to reduce or to prevent sweating; antiperspirant.
2. An agent having an inhibitory action upon the secretion of sweat.
A reference to a medication used to treat the accumulation of fluid in the tissues; that is the results of dropsy or edematous states.
Someone who contradicts.
A contradiction.
antimalarial (s) (noun), antimalarials (pl)
A substance that stops or prevents malaria: In her medical class, Susan learned that antimalarial was used effectively in the treatment of malaria, a very serious disease caused by mosquitoes.
antimnemonic (adjective); more antimnemonic, most antimnemonic
A reference to something that is intentionally hard to remember: Antimnemonic features of a password make it complicated and should nevertheless be memorised by the owner rather than just have it written down so no one else can see and use it!
antinarcotic (adjective), more antinarcotic, most antinarcotic
A reference to counteracting depression.