-orium, -oria, -ory

(Latin: a suffix; a place or instrument for performing the action of the main element; a place used for something)

lavatory (s) (noun), lavatories (pl)
1. A vessel for washing, a laver, a bath.
2. In certain churches, the ritual washing of the celebrant's hands at the offertory and then after the cleansing of the vessels following the communion.
3. A room equipped with washing and often toilet facilities; a "bathroom".
4. A washbowl or basin, especially one permanently installed with running water.
5. A flush toilet.
moratorium (s) (noun), moratoriums (pl)
1. A legal and authorized suspension of the completion of an obligation: All the garbage collectors decided on a moratorium to quit work until receiving their overdue pay checks from the month before.
2. An authorization to a debtor; such as, a bank or nation, permitting temporary suspension of payments: Jack asked his insurance company for a moratorium, or a postponement, of monthly deposits because he was momentarily out of work!
3. A formally agreed period during which an activity is halted or a planned activity is postponed: The school staff decided on a moratorium of class trips until the bus drivers ended their strikes.
4. Etymology: originally a legal term for "authorization to a debtor to postpone payment"; from Late Latin moratorius, "tending to delay"; from Latin morari, "to delay", from mora, "pause, delay".
A postponement of an action.
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1. A place for prayers.
2. A small chapel; especially, for private worship.
purgatory (s) (noun), purgatories (pl)
1. In Roman Catholic doctrine, the place where souls remain until they have expiated their sins and can go to heaven: Bruno’s grandmother was relieved to learn from the priest that he died in a state of grace and would not suffer unduly in purgatory.
2. An extremely uncomfortable, painful, or unpleasant situation: Jane was experiencing a purgatory of lost love from her husband.
The dining hall in a monastery.
sanitarium (s) (noun); sanitariums, sanitaria (pl)
An institution that treats chronic diseases, and provides supervised recuperation and convalescence for patients: "After the doctor diagnosed Harry's lung condition, he uncle was admitted to the local sanitarium for additional treatment."
A place for writing or for the storage of written materials.
sensually (adverb), more sensually, most sensually
Characteristic of how an activity gratifies or satisfies the physical interests and nature of an individual: Shirley's brother enjoyed the sensually pleasing and satisfying pleasures of a massage after a long week of strenuous activity.
sudoria (pl), sudorium (s)
Places that specialize in providing conditions for sweating.
vaporium, vaporarium (s) (noun); vaporia, vaporaria (pl)
A steam bath, or similar installation, in which a patient is exposed to steam treatment or therapy.