ora-, or-, orat-; os- +

(Latin: oris, mouth, face; opening, entrance; talk, speak, say)

osculatory (adjective), more osculatory, most osculatory
1. Of or pertaining to the act of kissing: The osculatory ceremony when couples at the end of the wedding ceremony.
2. In church history, a reference to a tablet or board, with the picture of Christ or the virgin, etc. which is kissed by the priest and then delivered to the people for the same purpose.
3. In geometry, relating to a circle that has the same curvature with any other curve at any given point.
oscule (s) (noun), oscules (pl)
The mouthlike opening of a sea sponge which is used to expel water.
osculum (s) (noun), oscula (pl)
1. An opening like a mouth, through which a sponge expels water.
2. A minute opening.
per os; P.O.; p.o.
Through the mouth.

A pharmaceutical instruction for the administration of medicine.

The concluding part of a speech or discourse, in which the speaker or writer recapitulates the principal points and urges them with greater earnestness and force.
Under, or below, the mouth.
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