-or; -our (primarily British)

(Latin: a suffix; state of, result of; he who, that which)

A suffix that forms nouns. British spelling is usually -our.
1. A hinged front part of a helmet, made of transparent or tinted plastic and designed to protect the face or eyes; especially, on helmets worn by motorcyclists or welders.
2. A flap mounted above the windshield inside an automobile used to shield the eyes from sun glare, etc.
3. A shade for the eyes attached to a band worn around the head or the front brim of a cap.
4. A hinged metal front part of a medieval helmet in a suit of armor, designed to protect the face and fitted with slits for the eyes to see through.
5. Etymology: from Middle English viser; from Anglo-Norman, from vis, "face, appearance"; from Latin visus, "a look, vision"; which came from the past participle stem of videre, "to see".
Another spelling of visor.