ophio-, ophi-, ophid-, -ophis; -ophidio, -ophidia

(Greek: snake, snakelike, serpent)

ophiophagous, ophiophagus
1. Eating or consuming serpents; there is a genus of very venomous serpents allied to the cobra, inhabiting the East Indies, that eat other snakes.
2. Feeding on serpents; said of certain birds and other reptiles.
Ophiophagus hannah
A venomous snake of the Elapidae family; the king cobra.
A love or fondness for snakes.
A fondness for snakes.
ophiophilist (s) (noun), ophiophilists (pl)
Someone who has a special fondness for snakes and other reptiles; ophiophile: As am ophiophilist, Mr. Timmons read a lo about snakes and usually went to the zoo particularly to see the different kinds of serpents and ophidians, like the constrictor.
A man is an ophiophilist who loves his serpent pets.
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A person who has an abnormal and excessive fear of snakes or other reptiles.
An abnormal, or excessive, fear of snakes.
A lizard with features similar to a snake.
A combination of the characteristics of a snake and a lizard.
A snake-like lizard.
ophiostaphyle (s) (noun), ophiostaphyles (pl)
Snake grape: An ophiostaphyle is a type of caper, a pickled flower bud of a southern European bush and is used, often with olives, to flavor food.
ophiotoxemia, ophitoxemia
Poisoning from snake venom.
1. The study of snake venom.
2. The toxicology of snake venoms.
Snake poison.
Eating snakes.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, with: "snakes or other reptiles": angui-; coluber-; herpeto-; reptil-; sauro-.