onych-, onycho-, ony-, -onychia, -onychial, -onychium, -onyx- +

(Greek: claw, nail; fingernails, toenails)

The presence of longitudinal striations in the nail plate.
Root of the nail; the proximal (nearest to) end of the nail, concealed under a fold of skin.
This nomenclature (“barbed lizard” [Greek onykh- (onyx), “claw, nail, barb”]) is no longer recognized by scientists because they found that it described an animal that was previously given another name which is Struthiosaurus or Rabdodon. Named by Franz Baron Nopcsa in 1902.
1. Splitting, or lamination, of the nail plate; usually in the horizontal plane at the free edge.
2. Splitting of the nails in layers.
Any disease, deformity, or malformation, of the nails.
The nail bed, or the area of the corium (skin) on which the nail rests.

It is extremely sensitive and presents numerous longitudinal ridges on its surface.

According to some anatomists, the nail bed is the portion covered by the body of the nail, the nail matrix being only the part on which the root of the nail rests.

The habit of picking at or pulling one's nails.
1. An excessive neurotic tendency to pick at (or to pull out) one's fingernails, or toenails.
2. The neurotic picking at a nail until it is permanently altered.
Surgical incision into, or through, a fingernail, or toenail, usually for the release of pus or blood.
The nourishment of the fingernails and toenails.
Nutrition, or nourishment, of the fingernails and toenails.
A fingernail or a toenail.
An ingrowing fingernail, or toenail.
1. An inflammation of the nail matrix, either following trauma or accompanying paronychia (infection in the tissues adjacent to a nail on a finger or toe.
2. An infection of a fingernail or toenail, attended with ulceration at the base of the nail or nails, and ending in the destruction of the nail or nails.
oynchia simplex
Onychia without much ulceration, with loss of the fingernail, or toenail, and its replacement with a new one.

A cross reference, directly or indirectly, involving a word unit meaning "nail (finger, toe); claw": ungu-.