onco-, oncho-, -oncus

(Greek: "mass, bulk"; denotes relationship to a tumor, process of cancer formation; swelling, or mass)

1. A neoplasm (new and abnormal formation of tissue) of the testis.
2. Tumor of the testis; testicular tumor.
Oscheoma or tumor of the scrotum.
An osteoma, sometimes used with reference to any neoplasm of a bone.
ovarioncus, oophoroma
An ovarian tumor.
A tumor situated near the eye.
A morbid swelling or tumor of the penis.
The psychological aspects of the treatment and management of a patient with cancer; it combines elements of psychiatry, psychology, and medicine with special concern for the psychosocial needs of the patient and his/her family.
A neoplasm of salivary tissue. Neoplasm: new and abnormal growth of tissue, which may be benign or cancerous.
1. An enlarged spleen.
2. A tumor of the spleen.
staphyloncus (s) (noun), staphyloncuses (pl)
A tumor or swelling of the uvula, an anatomical term for a pendent, fleshy mass: The enlargement of Clifford's uvula turned out to be a staphyloncus and had to be removed immediately.
1. A tumor of a nipple.
2. A neoplasm involving the nipple.
uroncus, urinoma
A collection of urine encapsulated by fibrous tissue, resulting from leakage of urine from a tear in the ureter, renal pelvis, or renal calices because of obstruction of the ureter; it may be a result of external trauma or a postoperative complication.