omni-, omn-

(Latin: all, every)

1. Excessively devouring or craving all kinds of food in great quantities.
2. Mentally striving to find and learn all existing forms of information beyond what is considered a normal acquisition: "He had an omnivoracious desire for knowledge about everything; both past and present."
1. Having an eagerness to consume great amounts of all kinds of food; ravenous.
2. Having or marked by an insatiable appetite for all activities or pursuits; greedy: "She had an omnivoracity which could not be satisfied."
3. Boundless greed for all things: an omnivoracity for history; a gluttonous consumer of fine foods; a rapacious acquirer of competing businesses; a politician who is ravenous for power.
Animals, including humans, which eat all kinds of plants and animals in combination or separately.
omnivorous (adjective), more omnivorous, most omnivorous
1. Pertaining to an animal that consumes a wide variety of foods; such as, insects, leaves, seeds, meat, vegetables, and fruits: Goats are known to be omnivorous animals that eat just about everything, including cardboard boxes!
2. Relating to anyone who has very wide interests and will read, study, or generally absorb or be interested in just about anything that is available: Henry, who is 80 years old, has been an omnivorous reader for most of his life.
Devouring everything.
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omnivory (adjective)
Pax et felicitas semper omnibus.
Peace and happiness always to all.

This motto came from a reader who said, "I have a tatoo that reads 'PAX ET FELICITAS SEMPER OMNIBUS'. See if any of your subscribers can translate that."

I sent him the translation above; as well as, the following:

"Peace and good fortune (or success) always to everyone."

-John Robertson
1. Being almost all-powerful.
2. Everything but all-powerful.
Perseverantia omnia vincit.
Perseverance conquers all things.
Radix omnium malorum est cupiditas.
The love of money is the root of all evil.

These words are not concerned with wealth, as such, but with avarice. Money per se is not considered the root of evil, but the excessive love of money to the exclusion of morals, philanthropy, character, the well-being of others, etc.

Sal sapit omnia.
Salt seasons everything.

This "salt" refers not to table salt (sodium chloride) but to "sparkling thought well expressed" or to some good conversation when eating.

Sol lucet omnibus.
The sun shines for everyone.
Tempus omnia revelat.
Time reveals everything.
Veritas omnia vincet.
Truth conquers all things.

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