omni-, omn-

(Latin: all, every)

1. A general description, or the entire view, of an object.
2. An instrument for copying plans, maps, and other drawings, on the same, or on a reduced or an enlarged, scale.
1. Completely lacking knowledge about a subject, several topics, or branches of learning.
2. The condition of being totally uneducated, unaware, or uninformed about something in particular, or about a multitude of things.
Speaking or understanding all languages.
Talking about everything; speaking about everything or on all subjects.
Being capable of talking about any and all subjects.
Shining on everything or shining everywhere.
Any form of light that shines on everything or everywhere.
omniphobic material (s) (noun), omniphobic materials (pl)
A reference to materials that repel liquids consisting of water and oil: Omniphobic is a newly coined word meaning "it hates everything".

The substance forces away watery and oily liquids into tight droplets due to its surface texture, made up of 300-nanometer-tall "toadstools" with broad silicon dioxide caps and narrow silicon stems.

Water has very high surface tension, 72 milliNewtons per meter (mN/m) at room temperature, which means it easily forms near-spherical drops when placed on a surface.

Because of their near-spherical shape, the droplets meet the surface at a high angle above 150° if the water is sitting on a superhydrophobic surface.

—Compiled from "Dirt won't stick to omniphobic material"
by Colin Barras in the New Scientist; November 10, 2008.

omnipotence (s) (noun), omnipotences (pl)
A condition of having unlimited power: For some people, omnipotence consists of special abilities, dominance, and superiority over others.
An unlimited power or strength.
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omnipotent (adjective), more omnipotent, most omnipotent
1. Descriptive of being powerful and almighty: Many people believe that love is omnipotent, and is strong and prevailing.
2. Relating to something which has unlimited authority or force: The power of nature that created the world must be omnipotent.
3. Referring to the almighty or infinite in power, as God: One omnipotent belief is that a deity can do anything it chooses to do, therefore having supremacy over everything.
A reference to having great authority or power.
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omnipotently (adverb), more omnipotently, most omnipotently
Referring to how someone performs with unlimited power: There are some dictators in the world who lead their country omnipotently and with virtually unrestricted and total authority and influence.
omnipresent (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to being present in all places at all times: Some problems that 90-year-old George has are omnipresent and unavoidable including mental and physical conditions.

So many people are suffering in poverty as an omnipresent existence.

A reference to being present at all times.
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