omni-, omn-

(Latin: all, every)

omnicole (verb), omnicoles; omnicoled; omnicoling: layers, levels
1. Living every where or in all places.
2. Thriving on several parallel layers of material arranged one on top of another.
omnicolous (adjective), more omnicolous, most omnicolous
Relating to living on various levels of sediment surfaces or the material to which an organism is attached or upon which it grows.
omnicolously (adverb)
omnicorporeal (adjective), more omnicorporeal, most omnicorporeal
Characteristic of, or relating to, the inclusion of all bodies or substances: There are those who consider the soul to be a omnicorporeal part of the body; otherwise it would have no real existence and it would be incapable of of holding the body together.

Thoughts are considered by some to be the essential part of being omnicorporeal and spiritual natures which are absolutely distinct; so, they cannot act upon each other; also, organic bodies are omnicorporeal substances.

1. The tendency to believe everything too readily.
2. An over-readiness to believe all things.
3. A tendency to believe everything with weak or even with insufficient reasons or justifications.
1. Ready or too easily disposed to believe everything.
2. Overly ready to believe everything.
3. Someone who is credulous when he or she is all too ready to believe everything or everyone.
The capability of a tag to operate in any orientation.
omnidirectional (adjective) (not comparable)
Regarding something that sends signals in various directions: The reception and the sending of radio waves is an example of omnidirectional processes.
omnidistance (s) (noun), omnidistances (pl)
The kilometres indicated on an aircraft's distance-measuring device: The omnidistance equipment on the plane shows the length of the gap between two places when interrogating and receiving responses from a transponder beacon.
Someone who is educated in all subjects, or who possesses universal knowledge.
omnifarious (noun), more omnifarious, most omnifarious
Of all varieties, forms, or kinds: Henry experienced omnifarious emotions, from joy to anger and to frustration.
omnifocal lens (s) (noun), omnifocal lenses (pl)
1. A lens for near and distant vision in which the reading portion is a continuously variable curve.
2. A lens whose power increases continuously and regularly in a downward direction, avoiding the discontinuity of bifocal and trifocal lenses.
A device for converting Morse Code signals that are punched on a tape into audio signals, used in the training of telegraph operators.

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