(Latin: before, in front of; fore, prior, preceding; used as a prefix)

anteroventral (adjective), more anteroventral, most anteroventral
1. In anatomy, concerning the underside of the front part of the head: In his anatomy class, Jack learned about the anteroventral section of a person's head.
2. A structure located in front and toward the lower surface of the head: Jane saw some insects that had anteroventral body parts in her garden.
anterozoa (pl) (noun)
In botany, cells that use a chemo-tactic stimulus to seek a female gamete in order to fertilize it: Joan found out in her botany book that anterozoa are the basic functional units that search for a female germ cell in order to inseminate it.

Related before-word units: ante-; anti-; pre-; pro-.